Important Information

Timeline,Your completed project will be delivered in approximately 4-6 weeks from the time we receive all of your input.


Fees, The design fee covers your On-Line Design design, renderings, story board, floor plan, furnishings and fabric selections. It does NOT cover the cost of the products specified.


Purchases, Some of the items specified in your design plan will be purchased directly from us and others should be purchased from a third party vendor. You will be provided with links to the appropriate vendors where applicable to make those purchases.


Changes, Once you submit all of your documentation and we have begun the design process no changes may be made. However, if we have not started the design process we will implement the changes you request where applicable.


Refunds, You may cancel your purchases of design services for a full refund within five (5) calendar days of purchase. You must notify us of your decision in writing. After the fifth day no refunds will be made.

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