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Client Questionnaire

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Email Address:


Budget for Purchases:
 Up to $7,500 $7,501 - $15,000 $15,001 and over

Please note that the budget provided is a guideline for our design process and furnishings selections. Since you make the purchases on your own you have the opportunity to implement the project as specified, or to make changes to meet your budget.

Design Direction:
My Life style:

 Formal Casual  Somewhere In Between

My style:

 Sleek & Modern Traditional & Classic Shabby Chic French Country  Elegant & Formal Transitional Coastal Arts & Crafts

Use three words to describe the look and feel you want for this room;
for example; warm, cozy, and comfortable.

What patterns do you prefer?

 Floral Stripes Paisley Ikat&Ikat Inspired  Geometrics Plaid Solids French Inspired/Toile

What details do you prefer?

 Trims, Tassels Ornate moldings & trim  Nailheads Clean Lines

What best describes your taste?
 I prefer layering color & pattern I prefer a monochromatic scheme

Is there a specific color palette you are drawn to:

Is this color palette represented anywhere else in your home? If so, where?

What wood finishes do you prefer?

 Light  Dark

What metal finishes do you prefer?

 Brass Stainless Steel Nickel  Oil Rubbed Bronze Copper Chrome

Describe the primary use of this room:
For example; family gathering room for watching tv, playing games, reading

What rooms are adjacent to this – that are visable from this room:
Please provide photos of the adjacent room

Do you have children? If so, what are their ages?

Are there any special needs we should take into consideration for the children?

Do you have pets?

Are there privacy concerns in this room? If so, please describe.
For example; room faces the street and we need privacy at night

Are there furniture pieces we will use and/or repurpose?
Please describe the pieces and include photos of them

Are there accessories or collections that we will use?
Please describe and include photos of them




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